Recently, the famous digital brand Soulycin released a high-definition Android TV Box - Soulycin A3. A3 is a high quality box specifically for Video game enthusiasts. The next are some particulars of Soulycin A3.

In the aspect of configurations, Soulycin A3 carries a A31S Cortex-A7 quad core processor, bases on Android 4.2 OS, with 512MB RAM and builds in a 8GB storage. The key is it internally installs wireless network, supports wifi 802.11b/g/n and is equipped with high gain anti-interference dual antenna which has super strong signal. Though it not supports 4K video, but the output resolution reaches 2160p and it supports 3D and Blu-ray video playback. Moreover, Soulycin A3 builds the latest live platform in which huge amounts of live telecasts are ready for you without deadlock at all.

In appearance, A3 Soulycin uses the color assortment of black and white which is classical and always in style. Besides, it uses the ABS nanoparticle aggregation high strength material which has strong compressive strength and shock resistance.