PiPo X10 is a new launched tablet & TV Box & Mini PC product of PiPo. PiPo X10 inherited the appearance design of PiPo X9 and PiPo X8, but the screen increases to 10.8 inches. Such a large screen is more comfortable to use. Secondly, unlike PiPo X9 or X8, PiPo X10 is built in a 10000mah battery. This is because there are a lot of users will use X series products for outdoor use. It may have different battery versions for sale in the future.

Like the previous products, the packaging of PiPo X10 is paper box packing.

pipo x10 pipo x10 pipo x10

The power specifications of PiPo X10 is 5v, 3000ma, higher than most of the 5v power supply specifications. Besides, for greater power supply current demand, PiPo X10 is designed with a 5.5mm DC interface for the power supply.

pipo x10

Like X8 and X9, PiPo X10 also provides very rich extension ports. The standard USB interface is as many as four groups! And the USB port can independently drive 2.5 inch mobile hard disk!

pipo x10 pipo x10

PiPo X10 also uses the design of the active cooling fan on the processor to avoid overheating problem.

pipo x10