Himedia Q5 Quad Core HMD-1.0.0 2014-07-11.175644 Firmware ROM

Model number: Himedia Q5 Quad Core
Version number: 1000 HMD-1.0.0 2014-07-11.175644

Change log:
New functions:
1. device name support, and also support change
2. Settings comprehensive update (new functions, new order)
3. Support X.265 video

The stability and compatibility:
1. The further lower calorific value
2. Solve the upgrade mode, av output screen problem
3. Solve the underlying library collapse problem during play
4. Fixes the problem of some sources no sound when play
5. Fixes the problem of some sources screen display abnormal
6. Restore factory, fully restored to the factory configuration
7. The problem of the weather couldn't get the data sometimes
8. Solve the application management occasionally stop running problem
9. The browser navigation page changes
10. Solve the settings sometimes stop operation problem

User vision experience:
1. The latest UI, more humanized
2. Play records and information center improvement

Download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1pJobW2v
password: rel6

Upgrade method:
1. Settings page upgrade; U disk upgrades
2. Install "restore" button, force upgrade