This is the update file for the quad core and dual core Himedia Q series Android TV box. If  normal upgrade doesn't work, you can try to upgrade forcibly.

Update file download:

Update steps:
1.Copy the prepared upgrade file(each product is different) to USB root directory;
2.Remove all other peripherals(USB hard drive etc) on the Q series TV box, then plug in the USB with upgrade file;
3.Turn off the TV box first. Use a pen or toothpick to withstand the key in the RESTORE hole, then boot. Waiting for about 10 seconds after boot to loosen the key(you can wait until it appears a small robot).
4.The TV box will be forced enter into the upgrade picture and the screen will show the robot picture.
5. Robot picture without progress bar means it is initializing and ready to upgrade.
6.Robot picture with progress bar means it is in update state.