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Shopping Guide

1. What is Android TV box?

Android TV box is a device which can connect to the Internet and make your TV to be a smart platform. It brings you a new entertainment system. With this box, you can surf the web, play videos and music, play games, do email and other entertainment on your TV. And you can also install and uninstall games and other applications freely.

2. What's the functions of Android TV box?

Surfing the Internet
It supports the Internet function with cable network or WIFI. And with this function, your TV will become a computer immediately.

Video play
It supports online and local video playback. Different Android TV box model has different functions. Some box only supports 1080P video, some supports 1080P and Blu-ray 3D video play, some even supports up to 4K(2160P) super HD video play.

Online video
You can visit HD video websites and own huge amounts of film and television resources through the Internet.

Music appreciation
It supports audio function. And also, different models have difference in supported formats. You can gain plenty of music resources when connect to the Internet.

HD pictures
It supports HD picture browsing in different formats and give you wonderful experience.

Extendable storage
It supports extended storage through an external SD card or mobile hard disk.

HDMI output
It supports HDMI function which can output video and audio to your HD TV and give you HD vision enjoyment on the large screen.

Easy operation
It is very easy to operate and control with the remote control, wired/wireless keyboard mouse or even with your smart phone.

3. Shopping tips for Android TV box

Hardware configuration
Like choosing smart phone and computer, the hardware configuration is also an important indicator for a TV box. A stronger CPU and a larger RAM can bring better performance, higher running speed and more stable operation. This is especially obvious when playing games. Then is the ROM which determines how many movie resources and games the box can store. Though the higher the configuration the better, you should consider the cost performance at the same time. It will be the best when the configuration just match your needs.

Film source
When you choose a TV box, you should pay attention to film source. Now, most of the TV box can support HD video play with HDMI interface, but some box supports few available HD sources.

The operation system
Now, many producers have they optimized UI system which based on the original Android system. So you should care about that if the optimized UI is convenient to use.

The main function and expand function
Every TV box has its  key function. Some are mainly for HD video play, some are for games, etc. So, you have to know your own needs and choose the right one. Besides, every TV box has expand functions to meet multiple needs of users. Of cause, the more expand function, the better.

Firmware upgrade ability
The powerful compatibility and expansibility of the Android TV box can be realized by firmware update. Some unsupported function and product failure can also be solved through firmware upgrades.

After-sales service
No matter what products you buy, a good after-sales service can give you a happy shopping experience. Android TV box is a newly-developing product which the problem is difficult to avoid, so the after-sales service is extremely important.